Seven Areas of Life You Can Improve In This Coming Year

It’s a temptation for couples to be so busy with responsibilities that they simply cruise through life. In fact, many families find themselves doing so and then wondering where the years have gone! But living life in that way means that there’s little opportunity to grow and improve, as we’re only tossed about by every circumstance that comes our way.

Leadership experts encourage us to take the reins of our life instead of just accepting whatever comes. And in order to do that, we have to be intentional about where we want to go. We believe that living a focused life is the first step for reaching our desired goals of personal growth.

In this post, we want to share some of the most important areas of life that we can take a closer look at for this coming year.

The food that you eat can affect how you function—or malfunction!—at work. The amount of sleep that you get can affect how you relate with your kids
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7 Areas of Life We Can Grow In as a Couple

As human beings, we can’t separate one area of our life from another. They’re all inter-connected! For example, the food that you eat can affect how you function—or malfunction!—at work. The amount of sleep that you get can affect how you relate with your kids—anyone else had a sleepless night and then barked at your kids the next day?

But we hope that being intentional in each of these seven areas can help you see ways that you can improve:

1. Spiritual

Our spiritual life is an important component of our well-being. For Joy and myself, we consider our Christian faith a basic foundation of everything we do. Think about things you can improve based on your own personal faith.

For Christians, being more intentional with Bible reading, prayer, fasting, or serving in a ministry are some examples that come to mind.

2. Physical

How is your physical health? Are you struggling with any medical condition that may be improved by a healthier lifestyle?

Our physical health is affected by at least five things: food, exercise, sleep, supplementation, and subtances. Are you eating a balanced meal? Do you exercise regularly? Do you get enough sleep? Do you take supplements? Do you consume a lot of alcohol, or do you smoke? Think about these things when you plan forward for your physical health.

3. Relational

Another area that we may want to work on is our relationships. For married couples, the marriage takes precedence over all other relationships, including those of your individual families. Think about ways you can improve your marriage: maybe it might help you to go through our free e-book, 10 Days to a Healthy Marriage.

Next, how is your relationship with your children (if you have any)? Your colleagues at work? Your extended family? You may want to think about being more intentional at spending more time with your kids, for example.

4. Financial

Money is one of the most common areas that couples fight in, so it’s always good to have plans relating to how you manage it. Take a look at the past year and see where you were weak, and find ways to be better at it.

5. Vocational

What are your and your spouse’s goals for your career? Taking time at the end of the year and the beginning of the new is a good chance for you to discuss your goals and plans for where you want to be professionally and vocationally. For example, if one of you is aspiring for a promotion, at least you both know and can support each other towards it.

6. Mental

Our mental health has become an increasingly important area of life in recent years. Make sure you take care of yours! This can be affected by the kinds of things you feed your mind on. For example, have you been reading books or watching mindless videos more this past year? Have you included activities that are proven to boost mental health, such as exercise, outdoor time, and relaxing times? Make your plans with your mental health in mind.

7. Rest and Recreational

Last but not the least, look back on how you were able to get rest in the past year, and then make plans for how you can unwind individually, as a couple, and as a family. Rest includes things like sleep, but also enriching hobbies and activities that help re-energise you for your weekly tasks.

Aim for Personal Growth as a Couple

We hope this inspires you to take personal growth seriously this coming year. We believe that as we each grow individually, it can also contribute to the strength of our marriage. Hopefully, the practice of a yearly review and planning can help you both grow so that you keep moving in the same direction as a couple!

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