Pursuing Work-Life Balance in Marriage

When two people get married, everything seems to be a whole new world: lots of novel things to discover about each other, plenty of plans for building a family, a high level of excitement for whatever things to come. But before long, especially after the “official” honeymoon trip is over, we naturally fall into a routine, where we each have our own jobs, careers, or responsibilities.

With all the things that call for our attention, how do we make sure we remain intentional at cultivating our relationship with our spouse? This is where the importance of having a work-life balance comes in.

When Daniel and I first got married, we tended to go everywhere together. But when our first baby was born, I was stuck mostly at home. And that was the time when his work demanded so much more of his time. I must admit, although I was happy as a mother, it wasn’t easy to stay a happy mother when my husband wasn’t home most of the day!

Since then, we have learned the importance of having a good balance in our weekly routines.

Do you have people who inspire you to be greater than what you are right now? Do you have trusted mentors you can turn to for important life advice?
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4 Tips for Cultivating Good Work-Life Balance as a Married Couple

In this post, we hope to share 4 important tips on how to pursue good quality of life as a married couple:

1. Schedule regular rest.

In the Jewish culture, families adhere to a “sabbath” day, where they rest from all regular work. Plenty of experts on mental health have proven the benefits of having at least one day of pausing from all the`hurry and pressures of the modern world.

Take a look at your individual schedules and see if you’re overworking yourself and not getting a day of rest. If one whole day seems impossible for you at this time, start with scheduling even just half a day. It would be even better if you can schedule it together so you get to rest with the most important person in your life.

 Once you get the hang of a regular day off, also consider taking some time off together perhaps once or twice a year.

2. Regularly review your goals and plans.

For a lot of us, we feel that we’re busy out of necessity. After all, if we don’t work our butts off, how can we pay our bills?

To address this, we recommend you to spend some time every few months to review your goals and plans as a couple. If finances is the main reason you’re working sixty hours a week, perhaps there are some areas you can adjust so you can have a better quality of life. For example, do you really need a brand-new second car that you have such high monthly payments for? (Perhaps you might benefit from checking our post on The More of Less.)

3. Try different hobbies.

There’s a reason why hobbies are called recreation: they help recreate—refresh and re-energise—us to get back to work. Do you and your spouse have any hobbies right now? If not, it might be time to think about what you used to enjoy when you were younger. Maybe it’s drawing, or reading a book, or going on a hike. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to be something that you can do on a regular basis so you can have your soul renewed.

4. Think about your social relationships.

Most of the time, when we get too busy with work, all our social relationships can revolve only around our colleagues. That’s perfectly fine, but for this tip, we recommend you to take a look at your social life: do you have people who inspire you to be greater than what you are right now? Do you have trusted mentors you can turn to for important life advice? Consider paying a bit of attention to the people who speak into your life; they play a crucial role in how you live!

Quality of Life Affects Your Marriage

It’s important to think about your work-life balance because your stress level in your individual jobs will inadvertently affect your spouse. We hope these tips can help you improve the quality of your daily life, so that you can both pour into your marriage and family.

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