How to Squeeze Date Time in a Hectic Schedule

With our increasingly busy lives, it’s becoming much harder to be intentional about carving out time with our spouse. During the height of the pandemic, most of us probably had more time than we knew what to do with, but now that life is going back to normal, we’re all back to doing lots of travel and stuff that we didn’t get to do over two years. So saying that life has become busy is an understatement!

A friend of ours was talking with her preschooler about date time with Daddy. After talking a bit about how date time makes Mommy and Daddy happy, she asks, “What do Mommy and Daddy do on date time?” The 4-year-old goes, “You go on meetings, and buy grcoceries.” The mom laughs, “That doesn’t sound like fun, that sounds like work!” Then she went on to explain that sometimes, when they don’t have time to do groceries during the week, they do buy groceries at the end of their date time!

Does that look like something you would do? Don’t worry, a short or even a date time with a bit of errands thrown in is better than no date time at all!

Squeezing date time in is not just another “duty” to add to an already packed schedule; instead, think of it as a treat, a welcome break from the daily grind to relax and be yourself.
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5 Tips for Having Date Time in a Busy Week

In this post, we hope to share some practical tips on how you can squeeze in a little bit of quality time with your spouse even in the midst of a busy schedule:

1. View date time as a treat, not a duty.

Squeezing date time in is not just another “duty” to add to an already packed schedule; instead, think of it as a treat, a welcome break from the daily grind to relax and be yourself.

Of course, the temptation might be to unload all your troubles the moment you sit down with your spouse. While we do value our spouse as the person we can share all our problems with, we encourage you to treat this rare time as a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Look at your schedule in 30-minute increments.

Sometimes, we may feel that it’s not date time if it’s not a full sit-down dinner or movie and dinner. But the truth is, date time can be as quick as 30 minutes. Though that may not be ideal, being able to sit down with your spouse and just forget about all the other responsibilities for thirty minutes can do wonders for both of you.

Take a look at your schedule in terms fo these 30-minute increments. For example, do you both have a lunch hour where you can meet quickly to connect?

3. Make use of errands.

Like in our example above, it’s possible that you may have to do errands on your date together. While we don’t encourage turning date time into running errands all the time, sometimes, that may be your only free time. For example, you might need to do groceries and you can do it together. Or, you might need to head to the bank. Consider setting aside even a few minutes after your bank errand to hang out a little bit before going on your separate duties.

4. Think about travel time.

They say that one of the things that eat up most of our time in this busy day and age is the time we spend on the commute. Think about the time you spend traveling to and from work, or to and from picking up the kids from school, and consider using that time to connect with your spouse.

Alternatively, sometimes, you might consider heading out thirty minutes early to pick up the kids and grab some coffee on the way, then sit on a park bench while waiting for them to get out of school.

5. Put everything else on pause.

Because you might only have 30 precious moments to be together, we encourage you to put everything else on hold, even just for half an hour. This means that you might want to put your phone on silent mode, or set aside any to-do list. That way, you can give each other your focused attention, which can do wonders even if it’s just a short amount of time.

Prioritise Date Time for a Healthy Marriage

We believe that regular date time is an important key to staying connected with your spouse, especially with our increasingly busy schedules. You can read this post to understand the Top 5 Reasons to Add Date Time to a Packed Schedule

Alternatively, consider downloading our free e-book, 10 Days to a Better Marriage, which is our free gift to you!

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