Helping Our Kids Discover Their Lifeprint

As human beings, we were created to crave purpose, to want to know our reason for being put here on the earth. That’s why our role as parents is doubly important: we not only take care of our kids by giving them their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, we are also tasked with helping them discover what on earth they’re here for.

What’s a Lifeprint? Our Lifeprint is what makes us ourselves, special, unparalleled, without equal. I believe it’s comprised of a big combination of things: our inherent traits, our interests, and our life experiences, among others.

Destiny is made up of the cross section between three things: our interests, our strengths, and our experiences.
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4 Ways to Help Our Kids Understand Their Lifeprint

In this post, we hope to help you guide your kids in discovering their unique Lifeprint.

1. Value their interests, but also expose them widely.

Children naturally gravitate towards what they’re interested in. First, we honour these hobbies and delights, expressing our appreciation for their curiosity. Eventually, some of these might become serious passions. 

But before this happens, be sure that you still keep an open eye out for other possible areas of interest. Why? When children are young, it’s easy to be single-minded and stick to what’s familiar and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean those are the only things they can care about. 

According to Charlotte Mason, educational reformer, we owe it to our children to have them encounter a wide variety of topics, even if they don’t end up obsessed with these right away. You never know which things will grab your child’s attention, and if he doesn’t get the chance to try them out, you literally WILL never know!

2. Appreciate and support their inherent and acquired talents and gifts.

Every child has different strengths and talents. Some of these are inherent in their personalities, others may be developed with training and practice. First, we need to appreciate these gifts. We can do that by verbally calling them out, as well as giving them ample opportunity to exercise these gifts.

For example, if one of your children loves being around people and serving them, give them the chance to have their friends over and host them for dinner. If another child excels in sports, you might get him signed up for a Little League team or play regularly with friends.

3. Broaden their experiences.

They say that destiny is made up of the cross section between three things: our interests, our strengths, and our experiences. Because of that, we encourage you to give your children as many enriching experiences as possible.

In past generations, a child’s profession was determined by what his father and grandfather before him did. This was largely because the child grows up and gets apprenticed in his father’s trade. This doesn’t mean the trade is handed down by heredity, but rather by direct experience.

What does that look like in practical terms for us today? Yes, you might consider an apprentice-type setup, but unless it’s something like a family business or a handicraft, it’s not always doable these days.

Instead, perhaps it would help for you to think more of giving your children experiences and memories than of expensive toys and other material gifts. For example, a trip to the zoo can open up a world of marvels, and perhaps a lifelong interest in biology. A chance to travel to a different country with you can give your child an unequalled sense of global citizenship and appreciation for other cultures.

4. Be their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

After you cultivate their interests, talents, and life experiences, the next thing you need to remember is to be their biggest fan. Sometimes, your child might try his or her hand at something, and succeed; other times, they might fail.

Either way, commit to be there for them no matter what, assuring them that their identity is not based on what they do, but on who they are. Then, help them rise back up and give it another shot!

Discovering Our Children’s Destiny Together

As your kids’ parents, you have the greatest privilege of watching all his gifts and interests unfold, but that doesn’t mean you dictate what his destiny is. Your role is to come alongside him as he discovers it for himself, and then you can help guide him in possible paths to take.

But remember, it’s still ultimately their life, but you get to celebrate your role in helping him or her accomplish their given mission to make the world a better place!

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