Finding Financial Peace

Finances is an area of contention for many couples. In our case, my husband and I grew up in different family experiences, which inevitably affected the way we viewed and handled money. I’m not proud to share that many of our arguments during the early years was in one way or another connected with finances.

So when we heard about Dave Ramsey and the breakthroughs he was helping couples achieve in the area of money, we were intrigued. My hubby started listening to his podcasts, while I devoured his blogs. Then, we decided to take the plunge by purchasing this book, Financial Peace Revisited.

We can control our money, or it can control us. One way we can exercise our power over money is when we, not the latest advertisement, decide where every dollar should go.
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4 Highlights from Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

Since then I’ve been recommending it to all my friends. In this post, I hope to share some of the major highlights that have been helpful to our family:

1. Are we worshiping stuff?

Dave Ramsey doesn’t mince words. From the very start, he lays the foundation of how we view money. At its very core, money is what we use to buy stuff. The question is, what is our relationship with stuff? Do we think more of them can make us happy? If we think our happiness depends on the things that we buy, look back on your last purchase. How long did the happiness last?

Take a look at this quote from the book: “When we forget that our money is not our Creator—that instead we are supposed to create with it—we wreak havoc in our lives… We must keep money and our handling of it in the proper perspective. We must not treat it carelessly, for this collecting of ‘stuff’ is only a game of Monopoly.”

2. We can have power over our money.

We can control our money, or it can control us. One way we can exercise our power over money is when we, not the latest advertisement, decide where every dollar should go. This is the basic premise behind the need for setting a budget.

3. We can live like no one else now so that we can give like no one else in the future.

Delayed gratification doesn’t mean that we’re killjoys who scrimp and save in a miserly way. The reason we live a temperate lifestyle now is so that we can be generous, either now, or in the near future. Giving to worthy causes is rewarding in itself, and when we learn to be generous, money loses its power over us.

4. The borrower is servant to the lender.

One of Dave Ramsey’s biggest goals is to help people get free from debt. In this book, he shows the different kinds of debt and offers possible solutions for getting out of debt, as well as learning to spend money in a wiser way.

5. The most powerful legacy we can have is children who are wise and competent to handle money.

Sometimes we think that all our wealth-building is so that we can leave a hefty monetary inheritance to our kids. Sure, that can be helpful. But do you know that leaving a big amount of money to someone who doesn’t know how to handle it can cause more damage to them?

Instead, focus on training your kids in the right attitudes towards money and resources, and you can be sure that they will live fruitful and beneficial lives long after you’re gone.

Financial Peace is Possible!

Making wise money decisions is possible, as long as you learn and apply important principles in personal finance. We highly recommend this book, which you can purchase here.

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