Creating a Life-Giving Home

When we think about home, what words come to mind? For most of us, we think of peace, rest, love, acceptance. Or at least, those are the things we want to associate with our homes.

Sadly, a big number of us may have grown up in homes that are, in reality, more closely filled with strife, conflict, fear, and anxiety. And although we don’t want to minimise the effects of physical or verbal abuse, other times, it’s not always any one person’s fault.

Possibly, the lifestyles we’ve chosen for ourselves and our kids may have contributed to the way that we run our homes: no longer a refuge or a haven, but simply an inn to take a quick snooze in before we run off again to live our lives. Could it be that these have compounded the problem of our homes no longer being seen as the best place to be?

Sally Clarkson’s book, The Life-Giving Home, is like a breath of fresh air in this time of busy schedules and hurried lifestyles. I hope that by sharing some of her insights, I can encourage you, too, like it did me, to be more intentional at creating that safe space where our kids can grow and thrive.

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Top 4 Reasons Why We Need a Life-Giving Home

Check out some of these benefits of a life-exuding home:

1. Children need a safe place to run to in the problems of life.

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses. Whether we like it or not, our children will surely find out this truth for themselves, and no matter how hard we try, we can never completely shield them from pain.

But what we can do is to give them a place they can run to with that pain. When they know that home is the place where they can be completely themselves, and still be loved for it, and troubles strike, their hearts can lead them into your kitchen where they know you will be there to comfort them and understand their emotions.

2. The ideas we instill in our kids from a young age can establish their future path.

When our kids are young, we have the power to feed their minds with excellent ideas, through the use of stories, songs, pictures, walks in the outdoors, among others.

Stories are one of the primary examples of how we can establish our children’s character. When we expose our children to lots of stories of chivalry, nobility, and good deeds, it inspires them to be the same as their beloved heroes and heroines. This is why children love to act out fantasies of the stories they read. For example, what child hasn’t pretended to be a knight in shining armor, or a cowboy or superhero defeating the forces of evil?

3. Our minds have power over our actions.

Another important point in the book is that a lot of it is a mind game. We first need to change our mindset, and then we can have the power to change the trajectory of our health. What’s your “why” behind wanting to get healthy? When you have a renewed sense of purpose and the right attitude, it can become easier to reach your physical health goals. 

4. We need a community.

Just as people who struggle with addiction to alcohol or other substances report a greater success rate with accountability groups, the same is true for physical health: those who surround themselves with like-minded individuals have a greater chance of reaching their goals.

So think about who you’re sharing your health journey with!

Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle is a Lifelong Journey

We hope this encourages you to mae a commitment to physical health. Think about the food taht you eat, the physical activity that you engage in, the people that you surround yourself with. All these factor into the kind of lifestyle you have. And, like it or not, it will also impact the lifestyle of your children after you!

To purchase the book, check out this Amazon link.

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