5 Tips to Enjoy Traveling with Your Spouse

After a two-year hiatus, Joy and I have finally been able to travel this year. Before the pandemic, traveling was very much part of our lifestyle, and it was a bit of an adjustment to find ourselves stuck at home for such a long stretch of time.

Now, traveling may seem like a dream holiday for you and your spouse, and rightly so: we believe that going to new places together is a great way of creating precious memories and shared experiences. For myself and Joy, we love exploring new cities and meeting new people everywhere we go. Perhaps it’s because I see myself as a network-builder that I enjoy these trips so much. But it may also be because we just love spending time together and pursuing different dreams together.

If you’re not used to traveling a lot together, you might be surprised to find yourself rubbing each other the wrong way. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve experienced that, too!

I think this happens because in the context of travel, our natural strengths and preferences when it comes to handling the unknown can come into play. For example, whenever we travel, especially with the family, Joy would make all these highly-detailed itineraries planning out our time to the very last minute. I’m more spontaneous, and sometimes, her itty-bitty plotting of timeslots gets on my nerves, especially when she changes some things around at the last minute.

One time, we arrived in the US with me looking forward to a nice, relaxing cup of coffee as soon as we got into our hotel, only to find that she had scheduled a trip to the mall as the first thing on our agenda. Now, if you know Joy, you know that a trip to the mall isn’t some leisurely stroll: instead, she would already have a list of all the things we need, so that meant it would be a tiring first day for me—and right in the middle of jet lag, too!

Before your trip, sit down and discuss what you both expect from the trip. This way, whoever is planning the itinerary can take as much of your preferences as possible into account.
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5 Important Tips for Fruitful Trips with Your Spouse

So in this post, we hope to share some of our favorite tips for surviving—and enjoying—traveling with your spouse:

1. Set clear expectations.

I can’t overemphasise this point: it’s important that before your trip, you sit down and discuss what you both expect from the trip. This way, whoever is planning the itinerary can take all your preferences—or as much of them as possible—into account.

These expectations will also affect decisions that you make about the trip, such as where you will be staying, how much you will be spending, what kind of food you’ll be eating, and so on. Although it may be impossible to plan out every single detail, having an idea of what each of you expects can help prevent misunderstanding.

2. Understand each other’s planning preferences.

Like in my example with Joy, you can see that we both had different planning modes: she was the highly-detailed planner, while I was the more laid-back, let’s-play-it-by-ear type of guy. If you don’t know which of you is which, chances are, you might get frustrated with each other during the trip.

Either discuss this with each other prior to the trip, or observe each other’s usual way of planning for things.

3. Try to schedule time alone together during the trip.

Not all trips may be designed for couple bonding, such as when you’re going on a business trip or to visit family. But try to schedule in at least one time when it’s just the two of you, if possible. Why? This can be a great time to have your regular date time, or it can also be a time to regroup or even talk about things that did not go according to plan that may have negatively affected one or both of you.

4. Give allowances for physical exhaustion.

Traveling is fun, but it can be tiring. Be sure to take into account you and your spouse’s rest and sleep needs. If it’s really not possible to get your daily sleep needs, be sure to make allowances for each other, because lack of sleep or too much physical tiredness can lead to greater crankiness!

5. Have fun!

Lastly, make sure you enjoy each other on your trip! Sometimes you can get too busy to appreciate each other, but when you give yourself permission to loosen up, it can be easier to make fun memories together.

Fun doesn’t have to mean expensive things like a trip to the amusement park. It can be a simple coffee at a new spot, or a walk around the park. Or it can even be taking silly selfies—have you seen social media posts of people making funny poses at iconic spots? If that kind of thing is for you, go for it! (Within legal bounds, of course!) Think like a child, and you can more quickly spot things to enjoy wherever you are.

Traveling with Your Spouse Creates Shared Experiences

We believe that shared positive experiences can help strengthen any relationship, and the same is true for marriage, no matter how many years you’ve been together. So use the opportunity of traveling together for creating new experiences together—possibly something you can smile or laugh about many years down the road.

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